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2023. No. 1(109)

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Gopula, V.B., & Pathan, M.K. (2023) Simple and Efficient Method for One Pot Multicomponent Synthesis of 3,4 Dihydropyrimidin-2-(1H)-One Derivatives Catalyzed by Organocatalyst: Benzoic Acid. Eurasian Journal of Chemistry / https://doi.org/10.31489/2959-0663/1-23-8
Turdybekov, К.M., Rakhimova, B.B., Makhmutova, A.S., Gatilov, Yu.V., & Adekenov, S.M. (2023) Isolation and Spatial Structure of 5,7-Dihydroxy-6,3′,4′-Trimethoxyflavone. Eurasian Journal of Chemistry / https://doi.org/10.31489/2959-0663/1-23-1


Surve, N.S., Thomas, A.B., Bhole, R.P., & Patil, C.Y. (2023) Flash Chromatography and Semi-Preparative HPLC: Review on the Applications and Recent Advancements over the Last Decade. Eurasian Journal of Chemistry / https://doi.org/10.31489/2959-0663/1-23-9
Nagababu, U., Sujatha, D., Jyothi, U., Manikyala Rao Vissa, & Srinivasa Kumar, B. (2023) Validated Stability Indicating HPLC Method for the Quantification of Process Related Impurities of Ubrogepant in Pharmaceutical Formulations. Eurasian Journal of Chemistry / https://doi.org/10.31489/2959-0663/1-23-7
Saiko, D.S., Titov, S.A., Saranov, I.A., Andreev, D.G., & Lobacheva, N.N. (2023) Moisture Transfer During its Evaporation from Sugar Solutions. Eurasian Journal of Chemistry / https://doi.org/10.31489/2959-0663/1-23-4
Sarsenbekova, A.Zh., Burkeyev, M.Zh., Zhumanazarova, G.M., Kudaibergen, G.K., & Nasikhatuly, Ye. (2023) The Effect of Liquid Active Media on the Character of Equilibrium Swelling of Copolymers Based on Polypropylene Fumarate Phthalate with Acrylic Acid. Eurasian Journal of Chemistry / https://doi.org/10.31489/2959-0663/1-23-12


Rakhymbay, L., Shugay, B., Karlykan, M., Namazbay, A., Konarov A., & Bakenov, Zh. (2023) Recent Advances in Layered Na2Mn3O7 Cathode Materials for Sodium-Ion Batteries. Eurasian Journal of Chemistry / https://doi.org/10.31489/2959-0663/1-23-5


Burkeyeva, G.K., Kovaleva, A.K., Tazhbayev, Ye.M., Ibrayeva, Zh.M., & Plocek, J. (2023) Development of Energy-Efficient “Cold” Curing Method for Polypropylene Glycol Fumarate Using an Optimized Initiating System. Eurasian Journal of Chemistry / https://doi.org/10.31489/2959-0663/1-23-10
Tulasi, S.L., Sumalatha, P., Rani, N.U., Peddi, P. (2023) Green Synthesis, Characterization and Environmental Application of Copper Oxide Nanoparticle obtained Using Aqueous Extract of Schrebera Swietenioides Roxb. Eurasian Journal of Chemistry / https://doi.org/10.31489/2959-0663/1-23-2
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