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Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Chemistry series. №2017-87-3

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  • Nurkenov О.А., Fazylov S.D., Seilkhanov Т.М., Arinova А.Е., Issayeva А.Zh., Satpaeva Zh.B., Karipova G.Zh. Synthesis and structure of condensed biheterocycles on the basis of 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole
  • Nurkenov О.А., Satpaeva Zh.B., Fazylov S.D., Turdybekov К.М., Seilkhanov Т.М., Suleimen Ye.М., Iskakova Zh.B. Synthesis, structure and computer bioprognosis new hydrazons based on hydrosides o and p-hydroxybenzoic acids
  • Voronova О.А., Plotnikov Е.V., Kaliyeva S.S., Nurpeiis Ye.E., Mamaeva E.A., Tashenov A.K., Bakibaev A.A. Investigation of antioxidant activity representatives of triterpenoids series of lupane and oleane by using voltammetry
  • Burkeev M.Zh., Kreuter J., Tazhbayev Y.M., Zhaparova L.Zh., Zhumagalieva T.S., Arystanova Zh.T., Mukhanova D.A. Preparation, characterization and investigation of in vitro release of antituberculosis drug p-amino salicylic acid based on human serum albumin
  • Mussabayeva B.Kh., Murzagulova K.B., Izumrudov V.A., Kim M.E., Dinzhumanova R.T. Polyelectrolytic multilayers as drug delivery system
  • Burkeev M.Zh., Tazhbaev Е.М., Davrenbekov S.Zh., Negim E.M., Kazhmuratova А.Т., Khamitova Т.О., Ibrayeva L.Т., Kozhabekova G.Е., Imanbekova Zh.K., Shaiahmetova А.S. Simulation of the synthesis reaction conditions of organic compounds and the behavior of the polymer complex under these conditions
  • Akhmetova G.S., Sadyrbayeva F.M., Issayeva U.B., Praliyev K.D., Seilkhanov T.M., Yu V.K., Sultanova D.А. Target synthesis of С- and N-subsituted phenyloxypropynylpiperidines possessing an anti-infective action


  • Golovanova O.A., Tomashevsky I.A. Determination of the nature of the interaction of calcium ions with amino acids by potentiometric titration
  • Sarsenbekova A.Zh., Khalitova A.I., Shakhabayeva A.A. Processing of hydrogel isotermic data on the base of polymethyl vinyl ether of maleic acid cross linked with polypropylene glycol under thermogravimetric data. Comparative kinetic analysis by NPK method
  • Sigitov V.B., Nurakhmetova Zh.A., Pessiridi Ya.Yu., Kudaibergenov S.E. Development of drilling muds based on anionic and nonionic polysaccharides
  • Fomin V.N., Kovaleva A.A., Aldabergenova S.K. Use of a multifactorial variable in the method of the stochastic-determinated design of experiment
  • Dinzhumanova R.Т., Mussabayeva B.Kh., Abekova R.S., Kassenova N.B. About quantitative determination of flavonoids in vegetative raw materials


  • Rustembekov К.Т., Lazareva Ye.S., Stoev М., Fomin V.N., Kaykenov D.А. Thermochemistry of new holmium-calcium tellurite


  • Haitao Liu, Baolin Yan, Chao Yang, Jikang Jian, Tateyeva A.B., Xintai Su, Baikenova G.G., Baikenov M.I., Satybaldin A. Solvothermal synthesis of BiOCl nanoplates with excellent photocatalytic activity for dye degradation
  • Abdykhalikova K.A., Yergalieva E.M., Chashkov V.N. The effect of the industrial zone on the chemical composition of some medicinal plants
  • Ordabaeva A.T., Akhmetkarimova Zh.S., Meiramov M.G., Khrupov V.A., Muldakhmetov Zh.H., Dusekenov A.M., Ma Feng Yun. Kinetics and thermodynamics of the process of hydrodesulfurization of Shubarkol coal hydrogenate
  • Baikenov M.I., Satybaldin A.Zh., Aitpaeva Z.K., Karimova A.B., Rakhimzhanova M.Zh. Investigation of the influence of electrohydroimpulse technology on physico-chemical characteristics of oil sludges