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Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Chemistry series. №2017-86-2

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  • Burkeyeva G.K. Terpolymerization of polyethylene glycol maleate with acrylamide and monovinyl ether of monoethanolamine
  • Burkeyeva G.K. Investigation of copolymers based on unsaturated polyester resins
  • Burkeyev M.Zh., Tazhbayev Е.М., Davrenbekov S.Zh., Bakibayev A.A., Kazhmuratova А.Т., Khamitova Т.О., Ibrayeva L.Т., Kozhabekova G.Е., Tolendi Zh.A., Imanbekova Zh.K. Selection of optimal conditions for obtaining of Co nanoparticles in the matrix of polymeric hydrogels
  • Sugralina L.M., Rozhkovoy I.Ye., Salkeyeva L.K., Minayeva Ye.V., Taishibekova Ye.K., Omasheva A.V., Salkeyeva A.K. Phenolytical modification of polyurethane elastomers as a method of obtaining multifunctional additives for road coal tar bitumen
  • Kaliyeva S.S., Mamayeva E.A., Ye.E.Nurpeiis, Bakibayev A.A., Tashenov A.K., Zamanova М.К., Kets Т.S. Methods for treating some pentacyclic triterpenoids


  • Amerkhanova Sh.K., Uali А.S., Abilkanova F.Zh. Evaluation of the thermal stability of sorbents based on modified active carbons
  • Kasymova M.S., Abulyaissova L.K., Aitbekova A.A. Research on carboxylic acids by thermogravimetric and kinetic methods
  • Abzhalov B.S., Abdivaliev R.T. Research of dissolution of bismuth in water solutions of hydrochloric acid at polarization by an industrial alternating current
  • Amerkhanova Sh.K., Uali A.S. The complexation of copper (II) ions with a mixture of oxyhydryl and sulfhydryl flotation agents in aqueous solutions


  • Bekturganova A.Zh., Rustembekov K.T., Kasenov B.K., Stoyev M., Toibek A.A. Calorimetric research of a heat capacity of a triple lanthanum tellurite in the range of 298.15–673 К
  • Мatayev M.М., Abdraimova М.R., Saksena S.M., Kezdikbayeva A.T. Synthesis and X-ray analysis of complex ferrites BiMe3 IIFe5O12 (MII = Mg, Ca, Ba)
  • Abdurazova P.A., Satayev M.S., Koshkarbayeva Sh.T., Raiymbekov Ye.B., Nazarbek U.B. Research of bactericidal properties of nanoparticles of copper, gold and silver deposited on the surface of nonmetallic products
  • Abdurazova P.A., Sataev M.S., Koshkarbayeva Sh.T., Raiymbekov Ye.B., Nazarbek U.B. Method for determining the thickness of metal coating deposited on the surface of dielectric material


  • Akimbekova B., Karilkhan A., Balpanova N.Zh. Influence of complexing agents on the flotation of sulfide minerals
  • Omarov Kh.B., Absat Z.B., Aldabergenova S.K., Rakhimzhanova N.Z., Muzapparov A.A. Use of the chrome (VI) oxide as a sorbent of arsenic from sour copper-containing solutions


  • Kenzhetayeva S.O. Application of the taxonomic approach in the preparation of the assignments for SSS on the subject «Organic chemistry»