Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Chemistry series. №2016-83-3

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  • Musabaeva B.H., Kudaibergenov S.E., Orazzhanova L.K., Iminova D.E., Bayakhmetova B.B. Determination of the microstructure, the swelling degree and dynamics of cryogels based on methacrylic acid, dimethylaminoethylmethacrylate and acrylamide
  • Nurkenov O.A., Gazaliev А.M., Fazylov S.D., Arinova A.E., Seilkhanov T.M., Karipova G.Zh., Kabieva S.K., Bakibaev A.A., Takibayeva A.T., Voronova O.A., Plotnikov E.V. Synthesis, structure and antioxidant activity of 4-(2-isonicotinoylhydrazinyl)-4-oxobutanoic acid
  • Kovaleva A.K., Burkeev M.Zh., Negim E.-S.M., Tazhbayev Ye.M., Zhumagalieva T.S., Burkeeva G.K., Tolendi Zh.A. Research of the radical copolymerization of polyethelene glycol maleate phtalate with methacrylic acid
  • Bazarbaev M., Zhakina A.Kh., Baikenova G.G., Shaiymbetova A.K., Dyusenov S.M., Aitkenova A.A., Akzhunusova I.K., Sadikova D.R. Synthesis and tuberculostatic activity 2-(2-hydroxybenzoyl)-S-3-(piperidine-1-yl)-propionylhydrazinedithiocarbamates and N-(2-(2-hydroxybenzoyl)- hydrazine-1-carbonationyl)-methacrylamide
  • Vazhev V.V., Gubenko М.А., Vazheva N.V., Ergaliyeva E.М. Prediction of the antitumor activity of chemical compounds by QSAR
  • Vazhev V.V., Gubenko М.А., Vazheva N.V., Ergalieva E.М., Samsonyuk Е.А. Estimation of the toxicity of organic compounds to Tetrahymena pyriformis by QSAR method
  • Burkeev M.Zh., Kreuter J., Tazhbayev Ye.M., Zhaparova L.Zh., Zhumagalieva T.S., Kazhmuratova A.T., Muhanova D.A. New forms of anticancer drugs «Arglabin» based on human serum albumin
  • Tazhbayev Ye.M., Kazhmuratova A.T., Zhumagalieva T.S., Tolendi Zh.A., Kozhabekova G.U. Creation of a polymeric matrix on the basis of polyester resins for an immobilization of metals nanoparticles


  • Bekenova G.S., Baeshov A.B. Electrochemical conduct of nickel waste in the presence of polarization by alternating current in the potassium sulfate solution
  • Atchabarova A.A., Tokpayev R.R., Kabulov A.T., Nechipurenko S.V., Yefremov S.A., Nauryzbayev M.K. Elaboration of electrodes for electrochemical processes based on new carbon-containing materials


  • Nulahong A., Wenlong Mo, Fengyun Ma, Aldabergenova S. The preparation and characterization of Au/HZSM-5 catalyst and its application in CH4 adsorption
  • Kozlovskiy A.L. Modification of the properties of Fe/Co nanotubes by changing the phase composition


  • Saduakaskyzy K., Kokibasova G.T. The development of logical thinking of students at training of redox reactions